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Oleta Coach Lines, Inc - Men's Prayer Advance $215 All Inclusive*

Williamsburg / Newport News, VA to Goshen, VA
3-Day Men's Conference & Bus / Motor Coach Transportation for Small Groups and/or Individuals Jan. 29 - 31, 2009

Christ Life Ministries

The Men's Prayer Advance Conference of Christ Life Ministries was started over 15 years ago by a burden to see God do a fresh work in hearts.  Why Prayer Advance instead of Prayer Retreat? The Prayer Advances are intended to move people forward in their walk with God. These are not "prayer retreats." We have retreated long enough!

The goal of the entire Advance is a fresh encounter with God. The Prayer Advance provides an opportunity for individuals to invest three days in their eternal destinies. Our goal is to get people on "praying ground" so they can PRAY and SERVE Christ. The agenda for the Advances is very focused: hot preaching, fervent praying, heartfelt worship, and great fellowship.   Do not miss this opportunity to scale new heights.

God is also using the Prayer Advance to assist pastors who have a vision, burden, and passion for developing strong men, strong families, and strong churches. Far from aiming at the lowest common denominator, we are seeking to raise the standard to the Biblical norm of vital reality, practical godliness, and spiritual depth.

Information on the 2009 Men's Prayer Advance: Running to Win!

The Champions of Faith directory in Hebrews 11 is followed with these words, “Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Here life is pictured as a contest, and races are run to be won! God’s first man, Adam, was created for authority. God charged him to manage the garden, multiply, and have dominion. We may have lost through Adam in Eden, but today we can WIN through Christ. The Dominion Mandate means grace can recover what sin has destroyed.

Winning Requires Discipline. As athletes exercise to prepare for competitive events, we must exercise ourselves to godliness. The Apostle Paul whipped his body into submission. He was not interested in “runner up”; he wanted the First Place!

Winning Requires Focus. Achieving your goal requires fixation on your assignment. Paul stated, “I press toward the mark,” which means “I move along the line which leads toward the finish line.” You must keep your eye on the goal!

Winning Requires Diligence. Before a man builds a tower he sits down and counts the cost. Your assignment requires strategic planning and execution. Don’t waste your time beating the air. Your destiny calls for diligence.

This Advance will empower you to purpose, prepare, and plan for victory. You will be instructed and inspired to go for the Crown because we are Running to Win!

For complete details on this Exciting, Spiritual Men's Prayer Advance 2009 Conference, click HERE.

Pricing Details for Jan. 29 - 31, 2009 Men's Prayer Advance:

All registrations include motor coach transportation, 2 night’s accommodations standard lodging, 5 meals, all sessions, and the use of all conference facilities.

Registration & Deposit Received By Nov. 3, 2008: $215.00

Registration & Deposit Received By Jan. 5, 2009: $235.00

Call Oleta Today to register 757-253-1008, or email grouptours.


Oleta Coach Lines needs a minimum of 47 combined passengers for this bus trip to the Men's Prayer Conference.  Pricing listed above based upon 47 passengers.

Oleta Coach Lines offers a variety of customized packages for various Clubs, families and organizations.  Our customers no longer have to hassle with booking hotel rooms,  making restaurant reservations, looking for various attractions & tickets.  We also offer multi-day cruises.  Put our buying power to work for your group.  Call 757-253-1008 to Book your trip today!

* All inclusive price for registration & deposit received by Nov. 3, 2008.

These are 2008 prices and subject to change without notice.


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